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Meet the Storyteller: Noel Cabangon’s “Ako ay Isang Mabuting Pilipino”

It is such a joy to welcome one of my favorite singer-songwriters in GatheringBooks today. His first picture book for children, Ako Ay Isang Mabuting Pilipino, has just recently been published October of this year. What a privilege to hear his thoughts about his first book. What made you decide to transform your song into …

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Meet the Storyteller: Cyan Abad-Jugo’s Musical and Literary Journeys

Welcome to GatheringBooks, Cyan. It is truly our pleasure to feature your voice here in our site for our Meet the Storyteller. We are glad that you could find the time to share a few of your thoughts about literature, poetry, and your latest YA novel, Salingkit, with us and our readers. I could not …

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Candy Gourlay’s Not-so-Tall Stories about Being an Author, a Journalist, and Finding Home in a Foreign Land

It truly is a privilege to feature the much-celebrated and talked-about Candy Gourlay in GatheringBooks for our Festival of Asian Literature and the Immigrant Experience bimonthly theme. Welcome, Candy! As I was doing my internet-research of various interviews conducted with Candy, I knew that it is inevitable that I would ask fairly similar questions. I would …

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Interview Wednesday: Creative Journeys of Paolo Fabregas

Last week, we posted the First of our 2-part Feature on Paolo Fabregas where we had a Q & A with him about his recently published Graphic Novel: Filipino Heroes League. This time around, we shall be discussing more about his Creative Journeys and his pathways to becoming the graphic novelist that he is now. …

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A Day at the Park with Carmelita Ballesteros


Hello, Carmelita! Welcome to GatheringBooks! We are so fortunate that despite your hectic schedule as an academic, you still managed to find the time to answer our host of questions for our Meet the Storyteller September Feature.

How long have you been writing books for children? Is there any special reason why you chose this particular genre?