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Poet’s Sanctum: Gemino H. Abad – A Discussion about the Moon, Muses, and Poetry

When Sir Jimmy agreed to be interviewed for our Poet’s Sanctum here in GatheringBooks, I knew that we had to veer away from the usual Q and A that we do. I told Iphigene and Fats that the questions needed to be ‘thoughtful,’ ‘whimsical,’ and ‘strange.’ I don’t know if we can manage that, but …

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Poetry Friday – A Brief Conversation with Tita Lacambra Ayala

For Poetry Friday this week, I am happy to share with you a brief conversation (by email or thru Facebook Private Messaging to be precise) that I had with Tita Lacambra Ayala. Her “voice in the wilderness” publication called Road Map Series has just recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary, 21st of July 2011, and I …

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