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Stephanie Wong: Beyond Illustrations


This month’s Gathering Books Special was inspired by one particular book: The Diary of Amos Lee. We here at GB were delighted when its Author and Illustrator agreed to be this month’s feature. Below is our interview with the Illustrator Ms. Stephanie Wong. All pictures/images of Stephanie are copyrighted by her.

An Emily Gravett (aka Emily Gribbitt, Emily Grrrabbit) Experience


I had a bit of trouble deciding where to categorize Emily Gravett for GatheringBooks. Should she be placed in the Meet the Storyteller section or the Illustrator’s Sketchpad section, seeing that she is both illustrator and storyteller. Thankfully, she answered the question in her feature on 7ImpossibleThings where she apparently feels “more comfortable saying illustrator.” One problem solved. A million …

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