What’s “Behind the Books?”

The Poet’s Sanctum is a sacred space for individuals with a lyrical soul and who think and write in verse. Here, we shall be featuringPoets who have moved our sensibilities and enriched our consciousness – through their ability to inspire beauty, radiance, and celebration of life, love, and loss. We are excited to share our favorite Poet’s narratives and world views segmented in stanzas, lines, cryptic codes, and the occasional darkness.




This quirky space is meant for educators, teachers, professors, lecturers, librarians, school personnel, teacher-assistants, teachers-in-training, teacher educators, guidance counselors – to share their thoughts and insights about books (picture books, YA fiction, graphic novels, adult books) that moved them. If you like to contribute a guest post for our Academic Nook, we would really be thrilled and delighted to hear from you. Simply drop a message at our Contact Us menu.


In this section, we shine the spotlight on the Artist who makes our imagination come alive with dabs of paint, skilful strokes of the brush/pencil, and whimsical drawings ranging from the aesthetically pleasing to the weird, surreal and downright grotesque. We hope to have ongoing conversations with artists/illustrators of children’s books and have a glimpse of what inspires them. We are eager to know how the image is transformed from the bowels of the mind to the pristine white page. We would also be doing features of our favorite illustrators, stalk their websites, hit the libraries (we three are trained psychologists that way), and check whether anything has been written about our chosen artists and share with all of you what we discover.

As we have an ongoing romance with the written word, we would like to showcase the sleepless nights, the raw energy, and the living and breathing being that is The Storyteller. We want to be able to share with you how the fleeting, flying, buzzing, annoying tidbits in their minds meaningfully transform themselves into neat little sentences, cute little phrases, and quirky dialogues. We hope to have ongoing conversations with book authors, storytellers, dream-makers, and dragon-tamers. If you are the above and more (we also welcome witches, dark wizards, and your ordinary bespectacled writer with the carpal tunnel) – and you would like to have meaningful and spirited conversations with us, please email gatheringbooks2009 (at) gmail (dot) com and we hope to give justice to your skillfully-wrought-out sentence structure and syntax (and the furies and joys that inspire them).

We would also be doing features of our favorite children’s narrators and synthesize three or more of their work into a good-enough profile. We shall likewise stalk their websites, research their names in google, and report to you our findings. As we are drones and dutiful workhorses in the daytime and only come alive when we open the pages of children’s books and young adult fiction in the wee quiet hours of dusk and dawn – we can not promise instant write-ups, but the features shall be there before you know it… like magic.

If you wish to have your work featured in this section, we would love to hear from you. Please email gatheringbooks2009 (at) gmail (dot) com or gbteam (at) gatheringbooks (dot) org. If you are a book sleuth like us and you would like to give us suggestions or recommendations, email us as well, and we would do what we can to feature the said artist/book author.